This is a question many owners of fine art or antiques will ask themselves when it is time to part with a most treasured possession. The answer, in most instances is simple, consign the item(s) for auction. Use a highly experienced and qualified online auctioneer like Don Elder of Elder’s Fine Art & Antiques in Nokomis, FL to get the best possible price from a large pool of qualified and interested buyers. Auctioning online brings the greatest number of bidders to the table from around the world!

When do you consider selling an item? The only really good reason is that you don’t have the time to wait for a properly prepared and promoted online auction to be accomplished. You need the proceeds now and are willing to accept much less than the top dollar price that a well run, online auction can give you.

Chinese White Water Jade Jar

Chinese White Water Jade Jar

The very exquisite Chinese White Water Jade Vase shown at left fetched the amazing price of $291,600 at a Don Elder online auction way back in 2008. At the time, this was a record breaking price for a single lot item at any online auction.

Had it just been sold, a much lower price was expected for this item.

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